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2024’s MUST READ: How to Find Anyone’s Exact Location Using Selfie/Image/Photo/Snap — Private AI Method 😱

Pinpoint Someone’s Location with Just a Photo! 😈

4 min readJan 12, 2024

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Greetings, World! Welcome to XIT. Firstly, wishing ya’ll a very Happy New Year 2024! This is my first blog for the year, and it’s remarkable as FK! Today, I’ll teach ya’ll how to find anyone’s exact location using their selfie pic. It’s my personally tried-and-true method that I‘ll share with ya’ll today.

The main procedure of this method is simple: PREDICTION! Yeah.. We have to predict the place in the image. HAHA!! Don’t worry you won’t need to do that manually. Without any delays, let’s get started!

Later, I’ll also share how you can accomplish this without manual steps, utilizing online tools to simplify the task. But first, let’s consider the following indicators that we can check off to gather some clues about the location.

  1. GPS Metadata
  2. Timestamps
  3. Landmarks
  4. Sun and Shadow Direction
  5. Vegetation and Climate
  6. Language on Signs or Advertisements
  7. Vehicle License Plates
  8. Architecture and Infrastructure
  9. Weather Conditions
  10. Reflections
  11. People’s Clothing and Behavior
  12. Geological Features
  13. Wildlife
  14. Satellite Imagery Comparison
  15. Social Media Geotags
  16. Nearby Wi-Fi Networks
  17. Radio Frequency Analysis
  18. Topographical Features
  19. Street Furniture (e.g., benches, lampposts)
  20. Graffiti or Street Art

Locate using GeoSpy

Go to https://geospy.web.app/ using your web browser.

You can either “Upload” or “Take Photo” on the GeoSpy website. Select the image file you want to geolocate from your device.

EXAMPLE PHOTO: I’ll take this photo as an example.

AI will try to locate where it was taken and display the location details.

RESPONSE: The photo was taken at Crawford Market in Mumbai, India. The architecture of the building is British colonial style. The vegetation is tropical. The soil is red. The approximate latitude and longitude of the photo is 18.93° N, 72.83° E.

You can also save the result in image format as shown below.

Also try to lookup on Google Map’s Google Street View using the given geographic coordinates.

Locate using OpenStreetMap

Go to https://osm-search.bellingcat.com/ using your web browser & Sign in using email.

Now, Set Up Custom Feature. In the OSM Key field, enter ‘name’ starts with OSM value as ‘little st’ and focus the search in Warsaw.

EXAMPLE PHOTO: I’ll take this photo as an example. But we have some text not visible properly so we will try to find it completely.

Observe the results and note the abundance of places named “little st” in India (as Hindi Language is mostly spoken in India region).

Conduct a Google search to find the signboard of a ‘Little Stuff’ store in Mumbai for comparison.

Verify if the signboard in the photo matches the reference found on Google, confirming the location as Mumbai.

Add another custom feature with the OSM Key “place contains ‘Little Stuff’” to refine the search for a nearby shops.

Examine the refined results and select potential matches. Explore the selected options on the map and confirm the correct shop with the name containing “Little Stuff.” In cases with incomplete information, explore other custom features (e.g., parking, trees, benches) to enhance the search. If needed, consult AI tools like GeoSpy or ChatGPT to refine the search and generate new hypotheses.

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