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Practical demonstration on Mobile Phone

4 min readSep 23, 2023

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⚠️ Attention: Before we begin, be cautious: there’s no real tool to send unlimited bitcoins or flash coins. Many scams claim otherwise. I’ll explain the real process in this blog. Practically step by step on Mobile Phone.

In our last blog we lernt about flashing btc using Desktop Computer, In this blog I will tell you how you can flash BTC. The idea is that from Electrum and BlueWallet you can send BTC and reverse the payment.

How does it work?

You send a transaction with a commission of 1 or 2 sat/vB, then you cancel the payment, making the commission on the transaction twice as much and the past transaction simply disappears from the mempool’a because the new commission overcame the old one.

You will need following things:



BTC coins

Part 1: Creating a wallet

You need to download BlueWallet wallet. Available on Android & iPhone.

Create a new Bitcoin wallet and replenish it.

Part:2 Sending the transaction

After you have funded the wallet we start working with sending and canceling payments. Click on the wallet, then click “Send”.

Next, change the fee MUST set the minimum target fee of 1 or 2 sat/byte.

Click on the Fee

Click on “Custom”

Specify the minimum fee and send the payment.

Mammoth will immediately see that the money has been credited to his balance.

Part 3: Cancel the payment

We have on average from 60 to 200+ minutes until the first confirmation.

After you have sent the payment, you will see your transaction in the list of transactions, click on it.

Click on “cancel transaction”.

Choose “Fast” or write 20 sat in “Custom”

The money will be immediately returned to your BlueWallet wallet balance, and will disappear from the recipient’s wallet.


“Exodus”, “Blockhain”, “Atomic” the balance is displayed immediately after you send a payment from BlueWallet or Electrum.

BONUS: Finally, Let’s learn about mempool for tracking workload for number of unconfirmed transactions.

Site for tracking workload: https://mempool.space/. When opening the site we see the following:

Get interested in priorities and number of unconfirmed transactions. You can start working under the following conditions:

1) Unconfirmed transactions should be more than 5000

2) High Priority is more than 10 sat/vB.

Under the conditions described above, the transaction confirmation time will be from 60 to 200+ minutes. This is more than enough for safe work and safety of hacker’s / scammer’s dept, because every transaction, with rare exceptions, we cancel after 10–30 min.


Scammers often use misleading messages or promises of big profits to lure people in. They might send fake links that, once clicked, can give them access to your digital wallet. It’s crucial to be vigilant and cautious. Don’t let the excitement of cryptocurrency blind you to the potential risks. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, we can make the crypto space safer for everyone. Let’s look out for each other and enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency without falling prey to scams.

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