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How to Find Hidden Files and Open Directories on the Internet with EASE? — Guide

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3 min readDec 24, 2023

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Greetings, World! Welcome to XIT. Today, I’ll be your guide on a digital adventure, showing you how to easily navigate the vast world of the internet. In this blog, I’ll teach you the ropes of finding hidden files and open directories with simplicity and ease. Together, we’ll explore the valuable hidden resources on the Internet world that might be remarkable. So, let’s start without FKINDELAYYYYY…

So, we’re gonna use a opendirectory-finder, a cool web tool. It checks out Google, Googol, Startpage, Searx, and FilePursuit to find all sorts of stuff: TV shows, movies, books, music, software, games, images and more..

Usage Guide

[1] First things first, open your web browser. Simply type in or click on opendirectory-finder.

[2] Right at the top, you’ll see “Choose Filetype” It’s like choosing the theme for your treasure hunt journey HAHA!. TV, Movies, Video, Books, Music, Software, ISO, DMG, Games, Images & more..! Click the dropdown and pick your adventure. As an example I’ll be choosing Images as Filetype & “kyc” as query.

[3] Next to “filetype” is “search engine.” Choose Google, Googol, Startpage, Searx, or FilePursuit and ready to roll. Pick the ones you like, I’ll be choosing Google as default. Keep it simple and press Enter.

[4] Done! opendirectory-finder will now do its thing. It will search the web using your chosen filetype, search engines, and your query. Results will pop up on new tab! Scroll down to see a list of directories. Each one is like a virtual treasure gem. Click on a directory, and you might just strike gold!

Quick Recap:

  1. Filetypes — Choose what kind of treasure you’re finding.
  2. Search Engines — Pick your search buddies.
  3. Query — Shout your query.
  4. Results — Watch the magic happen.
  5. Directories — Explore the loot.
  6. Download — Grab your gems.

⚠️ Remember: Be a responsible explorer. I [XIT], is not responsible for your illegal searches or downloads. Stay responsible: play fair, follow rules, and respect privacy. Keep it legal! 🌐✨

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