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Best Super-Safe Free Secure Email Providers

4 min readDec 24, 2023

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Greetings, World! Welcome to XIT. Today, when it comes to ease of use, many users commonly rely on email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com (Microsoft), iCloud Mail (Apple), and Yandex.Mail. However, it’s important to note that these services still have a significant distance to cover before being labeled as “secure.” The primary reason behind this is that messages sent through email often lack end-to-end encryption, leaving them vulnerable to potential security threats.

Some dudes eventually tell me that widely-used services like Gmail might collect and share user data. Furthermore, there is a alternate opinion on the internet that to avoid the collection of personal data and confidential information about users, or avoid been potentially sharing it with third parties. So, below I’ve provided ya’ll Email Providers those keeep no direct user logs & been considered as Secure and also those which keep logs & been alerted to prevent using them:

Email Providers with No Direct User Logs [Secure]:

  1. ProtonMail
  2. Tutanota
  3. Hushmail
  4. Zoho Mail
  5. FastMail
  6. Posteo
  7. Runbox
  8. CounterMail
  9. StartMail
  10. Mailfence
  11. VFEMail
  12. SCRYPTmail
  13. CTemplar
  14. Disroot
  15. Neomailbox
  16. Criptext
  17. LuxSci
  18. Private-Mail
  19. Kolab Now
  20. Canopy Mail

Email Providers that May Keep User Logs:

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo Mail
  3. Mail.ru
  4. GMX
  5. AOL Mail
  6. Outlook.com (Microsoft)
  7. Mail.com
  8. iCloud Mail (Apple)
  9. Yandex.Mail
  10. Tiscali Mail
  11. ProtonMail Bridge (for use with non-ProtonMail clients)
  12. Hushmail (Free version)
  13. FastMail (Standard version)
  14. Yahoo Mail (Free version)
  15. AOL Mail (Free version)
  16. Outlook.com (Free version)

I personally use ProtonMail for my email needs. Let’s quickly explore step-by-step guide on creating your personal proton mail: (It’s upto you, which email provider you prefer to use for yourself. Check the above list to choose..)

Creating ProtonMail

Go to ProtonMail’s official website using your web browser.


On the ProtonMail homepage, click on the “Create a free account” button. ProtonMail offers various plans. Select the plan that best fits your needs, and click “Select” or “Sign Up.” I’ll be choosing ‘Proton Free’ as that fits better for a poor person like me!

Enter your desired username and a strong & secure password. Make sure to use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Choose either one email domain “@proton.me” or “@protonmail.com” Click on ‘Create account’ button.

Complete any human verification steps, such as solving a CAPTCHA or confirming your identity through another method.

Wait.. while it’s setting up your profile.

Setup the display name for the mail address & click Next.

Set up a recovery method through Phone number or Alternate Email address. (optional)

Tada! We’ve successfully created a ProtonMail account.

Still Want to Use Email Providers that May Keep User Logs?

Alright, If you still prefer to use email providers that may retain user logs, it’s important to ensure the security of your mailbox passwords and verify if they have been compromised. This process is straightforward:

  1. Choose one or multiple specialized resources for password verification.
  2. Enter your email address in the verification field.
  3. Check for any potential leaks of your passwords in their database.
  4. If necessary, consider changing your password, even if no issues are identified.

Several resources can help you in checking your email addresses for password leaks, including:


Have I Been Pwned

Firefox Monitor




Sucuri SiteCheck

Intelligence X



We Leak Info






Dark Web ID

For quick email verifications, I often rely on temporary email services. If you’re interested in exploring a variety of options for disposable email services, check out our recent blog post, which highlights over 60 FREE Disposable Email Services. These services provide a convenient and secure way to handle quick verifications and keep your primary inbox spam-free. 📩

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