How much $$ Blackhat Hackers earn per campaign? — 7 Routes Explained

6 min readFeb 21, 2023

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Blackhat hackers have multiple ways and sources of earning money, from issuing scams and malwares to selling data and services. Today, I’ll explain you some of the most common sources & techniques blackhat hackers use to make money:

1] Cloaking Link Ads

PROFITS: The amount earned by a hacker from Cloaking Link Ads depends greatly on the campaign they are promoting and the traffic they generate. Generally, hackers can earn anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month with Cloaking Link Ads. Average earnings are from 1,000$ to 30,000$ per campaign as per the reports & analysis.

Example for Cloaking Link Ads

As we can see in the above image, the Advertise is shown on the left side and if the bot visits the link then it will display it a decent different content but is the normal user visits the same it will display the landing page or a malicious page. The hacker constantly monitor the Cloaking Link Ads campaign to make sure it is running efficiently. This involves tracking the costs and revenues, checking for any changes on the publisher’s website, and ensuring that the ads are appearing correctly. By keeping an eye on the hosted campaign, he can make sure that he is getting the most out of his investment.

2] Spamming

PROFITS: It truely depends on what website the hacker targets, mostly they are the Banking or Login Systems which collects Documents & Credentials from users. The profits also depends weather the hacker is using the logs for cashout purpose of for sell. If the hacker cashout the logs self or even in the team then its average earnings are from 5,000$ to 50,000$ per campaign as per the reports & analysis.

Example of a silly Spamming Email (not always, in real they are even advance)

Spamming is another black hat method used to generate money online. This method involves sending unsolicited emails to people with the purpose of marketing a product or service. This is illegal and immoral, and if done en masse, can lead to fines. This is the use of electronic communication resources to send unsolicited mass e-mails to a specified list of users. This can be done via email or text message. They usually manage to fool most of their victims by sending them messages with attractive topics and content.

3] Fake Search Results

PROFITS: Average earnings are from 1,500$ to 16,000$ per campaign as per the reports & analysis.

Example of Fake Search Result of phantom wallet

Fake search results are another black hat method used to make money online. This involves manipulating the search engine results page to make certain sites appear at the top of the rankings. This can lead to higher click-through rates for the fake sites, and higher revenue for the person committing the fraud.

4] Buy/Sell Traffic

PROFITS: The amount of money a hacker can earn from buying and selling traffic, truely depends on the traffic that is purchased. Also the sale price for the traffic, and the number of buyers and sellers involved in the transaction. The most common way to buy and sell traffic is through an online marketplace. Average earnings are from 2,000$ to 10,000$ per campaign as per the reports & analysis.

Buying or selling traffic is a black hat method of earning money online. In this method, the individual purchases web traffic from other websites and then resells it for a markup. This can lead to higher click-through rates for the seller’s website, as well as increased revenue.

5] Forcing Ads Placement

PROFITS: This can be done either by displaying unsolicited ads or by redirecting users to other malicious websites or by temporarily changing content on the page when a victim visits with specified parameter. The amount that a hacker earns from forcing ads placement depends on the amount of traffic they are able to generate to the pages they are manipulating. Average earnings are from 3,000$ to 40,000$ per campaign as per the reports & analysis. Generally speaking, the more traffic they can generate, the more they can earn.

Forcing ads placement is a black hat method of making money online by forcing ads onto unsuspecting websites. This can be done by injecting malicious code into the websites that redirects traffic to the black hat site.

6] Gambling Scripts

PROFITS: Average earnings are from 1,000$ to 70,000$ per campaign as per the reports & analysis. Truely depends on traffic the site contains and the active users. On top of that the hacker can earn even more by selling the KYC documents & card details used for top-up.

Online Gambling Market Size, Growth & Trends Report, 2030

Gambling scripts involves creating a website or application that allows users to gamble online with real money. The scripts may contain malware or auto drainer on payment gateways that allows the creator of the website to skim money off the top of every transaction which is marked as a fees or can even ban the users for unnecessary reasons and get their documents for fake KYC verifications.

7] Malware Spreading

PROFITS: The exact rate and type of payment can vary depending on the hackers skills, connections, and reputation, those who engage in this kind of activity generally are paid in either cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, or in cash. Average earnings are from 900$ to 60,000$ per campaign as per the reports & analysis.

Web malware spread modelling and optimal control strategies | Scientific Reports

Generally, these hackers will start by creating malicious application, or malware. Remember, the professional hacker will NEVER use any publicly available malwares as 99.99% of them contains backdoors for sure which not only profits you but also the developer of the malware. So either they create their own, which is typically spread through phishing emails or malicious websites (landing pages). The hacker can also buy or rent access to computer networks and systems so their malware can be spread more widely. Once their malware is spread, it can collect sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card information, from users and then sends the information back to the hacker. Finally, the hacker will then exchange the stolen data for payment. They may also use the stolen information to extort companies for additional funds.


In short, a strong understanding of tools & methods used for blackhat hacking and understanding the complexities of the security landscape are essential for any hacker engaging in these kinds of activities. Knowing programming languages, encryption standards, and network protocols would also be very helpful. A hacker needs to be technically skilled and up to date on the most recent technologies and trends in order to succeed. malware spreading is illegal and is not an ethical way to earn money. So, it is best to stay away from this kind of activity. Anyone who is interested in learning more like this, you can find a comprehensive guides here on my page. Also if you like the content then try a tip for me, which motivates me to write more like this.

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